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CEC ArtsLink Ösztöndíj Pályázat – 2011

A pályázat kortárs zene-, tánc-, színházművészek és irodalmárok, valamint művészeti menedzserek és előadók az ezekben a művészeti ágakban tevékenykedő független, non-profit és állami szervezetek számára szól.

Az Arts Links pályázatának beadási határideje: 2010. december 1.

Az ösztöndíjat elnyerő művészek hat hetet tölthetnek el az Egyesült Államokban, ahol különböző kulturális szervezeteknél szerezhetnek tapasztalatokat szakterületükben, valamint részt vesznek egy orientációs kurzuson is New Yorkban.

Egyetemi tanulók, amatőrök és egyetemi kutatók és korábban a pályázatban már ösztöndíjat nyert művészek nem jelentkezhetnek a pályázatra, egyébként nincs korhatári megkötés. Az angoltudás elengedhetetlen feltétel.

További részletek és jelentkezési feltételek:

For the December 1, 2010 deadline, ArtsLink will accept Residencies applications from contemporary artists working in music, dance, theater, or literature and from arts managers and presenters at independent, non-profit and government organizations working in these artistic disciplines. Applicants must be citizens of, and currently reside in, an eligible country. If you are living outside the region temporarily, contact ArtsLink staff to determine your eligibility. There are no age limitations. Applicants must have sufficient knowledge of English to function independently while in the US.
Undergraduate students, amateurs, and scholars are not eligible. Arts managers must be affiliated with an arts organization in the non-commercial sector. Artists seeking placement in commercial firms are also ineligible. ArtsLink Fellows from prior years are ineligible.
Review Criteria All ArtsLink applications will be evaluated by an independent interdisciplinary review panel comprised of US arts professionals based on the following criteria:

* Artistic or professional excellence of the applicant’s work
* Extent to which working in a US arts organization is consistent with the applicant’s artistic vision, creative goals and professional development
* Benefit to the applicant, at this time in his/her career, from interaction with US artists and audiences
* Quality and feasibility of mutually-beneficial exchange with the hosting organization
* Applicant’s plans for sharing the benefits of the exchange with artists and institutions in his/her home country Applicant’s ability to meet cross-cultural challenges successfully

The selection process is extremely competitive and applicants should anticipate a highly rigorous review of their work. Applicants are advised to submit recent quality work samples on CDs and/or DVDs. Please follow carefully the instructions for submitted work samples in the application. Applicants should make sure their work is properly labeled and that all work samples are fully and succinctly described on a separate sheet.
Applications that do not include required materials will not be considered.

Schedule ArtsLink Fellows are expected to participate for a six-week period from early October to mid November 2011. All participants – both applicants from Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus and US host organizations – must be able to accommodate this residency schedule.

The Residency includes two short sessions in New York City for all ArtsLink Fellows to meet with each other and with ArtsLink staff: one prior to the residency to orient the Fellows to the residency program and one at the conclusion to share residency experiences. The opening and closing sessions offer an important opportunity for ArtsLink Fellows to interact and strengthen contacts with colleagues in Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Placement Process Applicants who have been selected by the review panel are placed by ArtsLink staff at arts organizations across the US that can provide a residency experience appropriate to each candidate’s professional skills and goals. The candidate’s professional interests and contacts are carefully evaluated to ensure the best available opportunity for each ArtsLink Fellow. While we take Fellows’ geographical and organizational preferences into consideration, Fellows should be prepared to fulfill their residency in any of the fifty US states.

ArtsLink Residencies provide opportunities to:

* Pursue artistic and/or professional collaborations that will enrich and enhance your work Establish mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and expertise with US artists and organizations and with colleagues from Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus during ArtsLink Fellow meetings

* Deepen your understanding of a particular artistic expression that is related to your own work

* Create new work that draws inspiration from interaction with artists and arts professionals in the US. Expand professional arts management skills through work with US organizations

Financial Arrangements ArtsLink Residency awards are made to the US host organization to cover the living and working expenses for the five-week residency. Airfare, visa expenses, health insurance, and food and lodging during the opening and closing sessions in New York are also provided by CEC ArtsLink.

Where to Apply Please send completed applications and work samples to:

CEC ArtsLink
435 Hudson Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10014.
Applications must be postmarked by December 1, 2010. Letters of recommendation may be sent separately but must be received by CEC ArtsLink before December 15, 2010.

Applicants will be notified of the review panel decision by the end of March 2011.

To consult with ArtsLink staff, please contact:
phone: 212-643-1985 ext. 22
email: [1],


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